Optimizing YouTube Channels to Show in Google

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Not too long ago videos on the internet were exclusive. To find something specific, you would have to search on the specific site, such as YouTube, to find videos. And even though, the search algorithm wasn’t very accurate or effective.

Eventually Google realized how powerful video clips were. They introduced algorithm updates to include videos in search, to answer questions, showcase events, brand a company, and more. Not only did it increase the reach of YouTube videos to expanded audiences, it gave more value to the user, which is what Google loves most.

In one of their latest algorithm updates, the heavily content-favored Panda, YouTube became a huge commodity in search.  Videos would be very common to see on Google, but YouTube channels because excellent hubs for content-rich sites. These content-rich sites are very valuable to Google, and can very modestly rank the channel on page 1 of any search term.

We won’t talk too much about the benefits of YouTube (which are endless), but specifically how to optimize your channel to show very high in Google rankings. Whether it be personal or business, here are 5 simple steps to take to raise rankings:

1. Ensure accurate name, “About” section information

HLK Marketing Optimizing YouTube

While this isn’t elaborate or fully optimized, what I have done right is fill out all fields and ensure my name is correct. The name is important to have correct (or, matching the search term for which you rank) because Google sees it as a header, and matches easier to the specific search. Google also likes MORE, so give them more by filling out all fields in the about section. I didn’t do it here, but also maximize the description text if possible. It ends up being 150-200 words.

2. Edit channel layout and completely deck out your front page


You can add playlists you’ve created, feature videos, start a live stream all on your home page (which is the exact page that ranks well in Google). Do be able to spruce your channel as such, click the pencil in the top right. Then click edit channel navigation. Finally you click enable for the “Customize your channel layout” option. edit channel enableedit channel

From there, you can add anything you’d like to show on your front page. It’s important that this page is full of content (videos) for Google to value it highly. And don’t worry about having to create your own videos if you aren’t an expert on that. You can still populate the page with playlists, liked videos, channels you subscribe to and more. Getting the hang of it? Optimizing YouTube Channels isn’t so bad, right?


Increasing Visibility of Indie Hip-Hop Artist Lucid Optics

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HLK Marketing has teamed up with Bay Area Hip-Hop Artist Lucid Optics to increase online visibility.

Lucid Optics San Jose Hip-Hop

Lucid is apart of the label Inkiscape.

Joey Iaquinto (Lucid Optics) has been compared to the likes of Aesop Rock and Teddy Faley – his brutally honesty, poetic nature, and pure emotion stand out among indie hip-hop artists. On his latest album SADLIBS he brought a unique style by using real instruments in his beats, nothing was produced in the studio. His friends and family at Inkiscape have plenty of talented musicians, which he utilized quite impressively.


About: Hayden Koch, founder of the company, grew up in San Jose and still holds the city dear to his heart. He and Joey Iaquinto, front-man of Lucid, attended the same middle school – and through the wonderful world of social media connected to increase visibility.

Contact Hayden Today for a Free Online Reputation Management Consultation:

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Online Reputation Management Is More Significant Than Ever

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It’s highly unlikely you fall in of the category of just 5% of consumers not utilizing search engines such as Google.  The overwhelming majority of the nation uses search as a part of their normal routines, without even thinking twice.

Even during the early stages of search engines, a certain expectation was had by the consumer. By god if AskJeeves didn’t give me the local Carl’s Jr.!

But seriously, as time went on and search engine improvements were regularly implemented, the consumer was beginning to have immense power with the wealth of great information consistently showing at the top of the search engines. The search algorithms from powerhouse Google (and others who follow) have grown to focus strictly on user experience; as if the consumer ‘deserves’ unique images, lengthy and well-written content, videos, and social media posts when performing a search on the topic of their choosing, which we’ll call a “keyword”.

As long as you are well connected with the digital, you are aware of the trustworthiness that search engines bring. Not only do we expect accurate information, we expect current information – the latest and greatest on the topic.

Online reputation management search results example


Using the above image as an example, Google has provided us with a wonderful array of ways to consume the term ‘volcano’. In just the top half of the first page, you see: a Wikipedia definition, a Google Maps location of a local restaurant, reviews to said restaurant, an IMDB link to a movie called Volcano, a us.gov Volcano tracker, and even the latest articles written on volcanoes.

By providing the search engines with our own wonderful array of content, we can in essence “own” an individual or business search result.  The opportunity for online branding is wondrous for business owners, executives or actors. Any bad beef can be eliminated from search. And eventually out of reach of anyone.

While more people are search, all the more important it is to take control of what they see.

Hayden Koch, president of HLK Marketing, comments on search engine optimization tactics that give you power of your search results:

Taking control of your online reputation is a real possibility. The whole front page of Google can be yours. Thoroughness and a  little elbow grease does the trick. Oh, and patience – as it take the search engines quite a while to recognize the efforts as powerful and authoritative.

Contact Hayden Today for a Free Online Reputation Management Consultation:

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