Meet Hayden L. Koch, lead digital marketing strategist

Passion, determination, and most importantly, competitiveness defines Hayden Koch, the founder, CEO, and lead SEO expert of HLK Marketing. After graduating from California State University, Fullerton in the Spring of 2015, SEO and digital marketing has become his life.

The world of internet marketing was introduced in 2015 while Hayden was researching real-world applications of his to-be Marketing Degree. He notes having seen the impact of rapidly-increasing sites and applications, such as social media sites, and how truly powerful and relevant they were becoming. This brought him down the rabbit hole of internet marketing: Building websites, pay-per-click advertising campaigns, and finally, search engine optimization.

Having finally given the tools to apply these abstract digital marketing strategies, he knew SEO was where he would thrive. A complex puzzle of understanding and piecing together algorithms to create real-world value was inspiring.

Fast forward to today, 2018: Hayden is creating rockin’ reputations, stellar SEO campaigns, and so much more.

SEO is a fascinating, complex puzzle. A 100,000 piece puzzle. Not many are willing to take the the time to put all of the pieces together. This only drives me to complete the puzzle faster, in a more efficent manner, and better than anyone else. – Hayden Koch

For awesome reputation management and search engine strategies, feel free to visit and follow his blog via the link above.

If you would like to contact Hayden or HLK Marketing, please visit our contact page or you can reach him directly at hayden@hlkmarketing.com