Increasing Visibility of Indie Hip-Hop Artist Lucid Optics

HLK Marketing has teamed up with Bay Area Hip-Hop Artist Lucid Optics to increase online visibility.

Lucid Optics Music San Jose Hip-Hop

Lucid is apart of the label Inkiscape.

Joey Iaquinto (Lucid Optics) has been compared to the likes of Aesop Rock and Teddy Faley – his brutal honesty, poetic nature, and pure emotion stand out among indie hip-hop artists. On his latest album SADLIBS he brought a unique style by using real instruments in his beats, nothing was produced in the studio. His friends and family at Inkiscape have plenty of talented musicians, which he utilized quite impressively.

About: Hayden Koch, the founder of the company, grew up in San Jose and still holds the city dear to his heart. He and Joey Iaquinto, front-man of Lucid, attended the same middle school – and through the wonderful world of social media connected to increase visibility.

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