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Are the search engines boasting a bad article about you?

Online reputation management is crucial when 95% of consumers search online

What is online reputation management? When Google ranks websites for search terms, countless factors come into play.  It’s on the search engines to produce quality results.

Unfortunately, negative articles and websites can be classified as quality to the search engines. In real terms, the sites that stir up the most commotion are the most valuable.  Which results in search results not favorable to some. High-profile individuals with a past hiccup often find that they continually have their reputation misrepresented.

A harsh article written about them on LA Weekly is of high value to Google. The sites (, Huffington Post, Patch) all qualify for strong, powerful sites by search standards.

Recent search updates give newer phenomena high power. For example, social media is a significant factor in Google’s reason for ranking negative articles high. Below is an example of primed “negative reputation”.

Online Reputation management services clear search engine results of negative properties


Without revealing their identity, you can see the potential of one bad article. When someone wants to read more about this Broadway actor, they are met with these ugly looking articles. Not the best first impression.

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Powerful sites are king

While HLK Marketing can’t change your past, we can certainly work on how you are portrayed in the present.  Our team creates custom media on specially designed sites to out-rank the negative search results.

Online reputation management example of powerful content

After using proven websites and precise content throughout the reputation management campaign, Google’s algorithms will start pushing down the negative properties.  Fresh and SEO friendly content proves to be king. Authority and trust are built through a strategic process.  Once leveraged to its maximum potential, we will have control over websites as high as #1 on business and individual search terms.

Each reputation management requires individual and custom care. The level of search volumes, social signals among other search engine factors are always considered.  Monthly reports are sent out to track progress. Hayden Koch also dedicates 1 hour per week per client to discuss progress and hold a Q&A.

HLK Marketing has helped dozens of individuals take back control of their online reputation. Say goodbye to negative articles. Say hello to powerful, user-controlled sites that shine you in the light you like.

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