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HLK Marketing is a Huntington Beach, CA-based firm who helps individuals and businesses thrive on all online platforms

Hayden Koch at HLK Marketing provides professional digital marketing consulting services, including Social Media Services, Online Reputation Management Services, and SEO.

He is passionate about improving digital footprints for businesses and individuals.  Take control of your online presence today!  Proven SEO strategies to reach the right people online.

Services offered:

  • SEO Optimizations and Services
  • Social Media Management and Creation
  • Basic Web Development and Web Editing
  • Blogging and Content Creation
  • Online Reputation Management Services (business and individual)
  • General Marketing Consulting

The power of online presence is tremendous - and my goal is to give every business and individual the power to "own" their brand online. Up to 95% of people will use Google before making a significant purchase.  The power of search is in the user's hands.

HLK Marketing

Using the Power of Search as a Leverage

With significant improvements over the past couple of years, alongside the explosion of mobile devices, search engines are more important to users than ever.  And the quality of search has risen the expectations.

Google certainly wouldn't want to upset their users (the searchers). Which is why they choose the most quality content at the top of the search page.

Skip forward to user expectations: if they are disappointed when reading their search results - something is probably off. The potential to completely own your brand (whether business or personal) online presents tremendous opportunities.

Here is where HLK Marketing comes in.  They possess the skills and resources to own your online brand.  With quality content, SEO principles, and a little juice, you can completely shift how the search engines present you. Check out Online Reputation Management page for more on online branding.

SEO Optimizations & Services

Whether it be precise social media optimizations or sprucing up a website, HLK uses proven SEO strategies that work. Google will read your site, your brand, and your message much more effectively, which in turn can lead the right people to the wonderful services, products, or message you have to offer. These SEO optimizations are universal across all search engines. Have a question about SEO? Wondering why no one is calling? Give HLK a call today.

Social Media Services: Creation & Management

In a world of social, it's underestimated how powerful having strong social media can be for a business. It gives a business a human-like feel and brands individuals as well, individuals. HLK will take the time to understand you and your brand, and build strategically branded social media accounts. With special SEO optimizations, these will eventually show up on search engines. We also offer management of weekly posts, PPC ads, fan engagement, and fan building. Contact HLK for more details.

Web Development

Having a well branded and well put-together site is a game changer for small businesses. If your site doesn't load on mobile and someone is on the road searching for you - you probably just lost a customer. Hayden will spruce up your current site or build a brand new one for you on an SEO-friendly site on WordPress.  A simple, effective, yet powerful website for your small business is just a call away.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest? I'm sure you've visited one or multiple of these sites, and are bombarded with advertisements. These are excellent places to reach the right customers. Customized to find your niche, HLK will consolidate the perfect PPC strategy for you.  Click here to connect with us. 

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management builds brands, cleans up Protecting your online brand is more important than ever. HLK Marketing has extensive experience in search engine marketing and the tools needed to suppress negative material. Read more on Online Reputation Management on our blog.


About Hayden Koch:

Hayden Koch Online and Search Marketing Professional
Hayden L. Koch of HLK Marketing

Hayden is a recent college graduate.  His passion for digital marketing and search engine optimization arose partly from curiosity, but also the ability to help people and businesses reach their goals.  He is confident that every digital footprint could use some improving - some way, somehow. As part of his free consultation offered, he will identify areas for improvement and provide easy-to-understand advice. Try a free consultation today.

Contact Hayden Today for a Free Digital Marketing Consultation:

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